TBS SHOCK with CCP 56/51
Commercial Spec

TBS SHOCK with CCP 56/51
Commercial Spec



Weight : 443.00 gr
Width : 57.00 mm
Height : 131.00 mm
Length : 180.00 mm


- Perfect buttstock replacement for com spec rifles.

- It is a drop-in replacement buttstock for rifles using com-spec sized receiver extension tubes.

- This collapsible buttstock offers better feel and comfort.

- Stylish and economical choice with sling attachment for convenience.

- Designed for light and fast action.

- Comfortable built-in rubber butt pad mitigates recoil and provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage even with body armor or modular gear.

- Unique latch mechanism, first click for retraction and second click for demounting.

- The unique design creates an anti-rattle friction fit that prevents unwanted movement along the buffer tube.

- The long cheek riser enables you to get proper cheekweld for raised scopes or rifles with raised rails.

- Use knobs on both sides to adjust the height.